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Backchat on air with Youth Radio Rocks

Backchat is one of the specialist shows we have on Youth Radio Rocks that goes out in the daytime. Consider it a break from the music with spoken word at the forefront. Its a enviable addition to Youth Radio Rocks.


Backchat programmes cover a wide range of topics and are mainly comprised of spoken-word items; with the occasional subject related song or piece  of music included. Our content is derived from studio-based guest interviews, field recordings acquired when out in the wider community, and the weekly storytelling and narration segments we have read by our resident actress and voice-over artist, Marion Mente.


Some of our programmes do follow a theme (e.g as we approach Remembrance Day) whilst others tend to include a mix of subjects and features;  we’ve produced a number of original radio plays for our listeners to enjoy, and are currently in the process of finalising the scripts for the next ones. The show is recorded weekly, each one is an hour long and they’re all produced entirely by our dedicated team of volunteers; each of them the grateful recipients of the free radio production training that Backchat offers to anybody who is serious about getting involved in community media.


About the team

Marion Mente is Backchat’s most featured storyteller and narrator; her voice is easily recognisable by it’s rich and earthy tone. Marion is a published author, a trained actress and voice-over artist. She loves to spend time at her holiday home in France, but is equally as content when just having a good old chin-wag (over a glass of wine) with her close network of friends in Bristol.


Pommy Harmar is one of our main presenters and has also acted as producer on a number of Backchat programmes. Pommy’s day job is with a charity that helps to support vulnerable homeless women. In her spare time Pommy likes to sing in a band, watch her favourite TV programmes; ’The Bridge’ and ‘Detectorists’. And is always in favour of a good Sunday roast.


Pete Singleton is our resident sound engineer; the safest pair of hands and keenest set of ears we could wish to have at the helm of our mixing desk. He’s great at editing and has brilliantly produced a number of our original radio plays. Pete is also a part-time Videographer; slowly building up his media empire ( and spends most of his spare time learning new skills and camera techniques.


James Melia is one of our main presenters and a veteran interviewer. He once interviewed a Palestinian Ambassador and James can regularly be heard utilising his wealth of radio experience, to effortlessly build up a good rapport with even the least-forthcoming of some our guests. On Saturday mornings James is also the Presenter the ‘Breakfast Show’ on BCFM, and outside of the radio his day job is that of a Mechanical Engineer.


Liam Mason is the newest member of the Backchat Radio team, but has already produced a number of our programmes and conducted some our most riveting field interviews to date. He’s certainly a name to keep listening-out for, as we have no doubt that Liam will continue to learn his craft and develop his passion for the media, into a long and successful career.


Anthea Page is the Founder, Producer and matriarch of Backchat Radio; she never sleeps (emails sent to the rest of the team at 4am are the norm – even though they can’t read them in their sleep) as she lives and breathes our show. It’s Anthea’s tenacity, integrity and passion for sharing the human story that makes Backchat Radio so unique; each programme (mainly spoken word) is packed with energy, humanity and compassion. The driving force behind Backchat is most definitely Anthea Page; our insuppressible champion.