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Nicole on air with Youth Radio Rocks

Nicole rocks the 2 -3pm hour every Monday to Friday with Pedro and Jacob.

Nicole’s brain drizzle

Songs I love:

All of me (John Legend)

Movies I love:

Star wars, My neighbor totoro

TV shows I love:

Naruto, Danganronpa, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on titan (and other anime shows)

Food I love:


Celebs I love:

Darren Brown

Websites I love:, google

Parts of the World I love:

Philippines, England, Japan

Things I love doing:

Playing games, performing piano pieces

Who would you like to have a drink with and why:

Friends, so we can talk and bond

If you could swap places with someone for the day who would it be and why:

My Cousin as he is with my family so I could stay with the rest of my family for a bit.

Your own desert island, what 3 things have you got:

Food, water, friends

What would you call your autobiography:

Chasing freedom

Most worn item of clothing and why:

Jacket, because I love jackets!

What’s your proudest achievement so far:

Saved my cousin from drowning on a beach.

Why i love being part of Youth Radio Rocks:

Because it helps me to gain confidence with myself and others but also I love presenting for lovely people