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Matt ‘Splatt’ Clifford cut his teeth on air at Bath FM and then along with Charlie Vernon, fronted up the breakfast show on Somervalley FM. After leaving there he went to Hospital radio for a stint before joining Bath City Sound. A huge fan of Bath Rugby and cider, Matt is fine addition to the Youth Radio Rocks team.

Matt on air with Youth Radio Rocks

Matt ‘Splatt’ Clifford can be heard on his Bath Sports and Shizzle shows on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10am and midday.

Matts’s brain drizzle

Local places I love

I love to visit the Rec (massive Bath Rugby Fan)

Songs I love

Tough one because I’m a weird one when it comes to music at the moment. I love foster the people and M82 but im sure that will change very quickly

Movies I love

Hot Fuzz is a great film I love it because it was filmed just down the road in Wells which makes it fun when you watch it because you can spot loads of local places.

TV shows I love

I was always a big fan of spooks great action tv show. I also enjoy watching Luther when its on. Excellent watch. ( the show not the timepiece ed. )

Food I love

I love to make pasta, the reason behind my love and enjoyment of pasta is the fact you can add almost anything to it and it will taste so good still

Books I love

A hard one… I’m a big fan of the Chris Moyles Autobiography’s they are a great read

Celebs I love

Katie Perry what man would not love her?

Websites I love

As a big rugby fan I always check out the latest gossip on (Bath Rugby Fan Site) oh and you can’t forget this website 😉

Parts of the world I love

Cornwall its just a great place to get away to

Things I love doing

Watching rugby and ski-ing. I’ve not been in a few years but you cant beat hitting the slopes.

Most worn item of clothing and why?

Surely the answer to this question should be underwear or socks because you always wear them?

Who would play you in the film of your life?

This ones easy for me, Jason Bourne he just leads a totally amazing life

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Why would you want to live any where else then Bath? Bath has all you need. Great views, heritage and a some great sports teams

Who would you most like to have a drink with, and why?

I’d go for a drink again with Bath Rugby’s Brad Davis. Met him twice after a few drinks and he’s a top bloke and very funny but can I be greedy and invite the wurzels along as well? I think you would have a great night out drinking some of Somersets finest apple juice 😉

If you could only take three possessions to a desert island, what would they be?

A deck chair, some one for some company and a good book to read.

If you could swap places with someone for the day, who would it be and why?

I think it would be great to swap places with a fire person or a paramedic to get the feel and good buzz of being able to save peoples lives.

What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Surviving 23 years with out death has to be a great achievement

What would you call your autobiography?

23 years the story so far…

Why I love being part of Youth Radio Rocks

The feeling of being in a team and working with some great people and meeting some new people.