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Jayden on air with Youth Radio Rocks

Jayden does the breakfast show with Cam every morning from Monday to Friday. So there.

Jayden’s brain drizzle

Local places I love

Hawkins Bazaar, as it’s so fabumazing (new word I invented)

Songs I love

679-FettyWap, Focus-Ariana Grands, Neapolitan Dreams

TV shows I love

Family Guy ( don’t do it Brian ), American Dad, Russel Howards good news.

TV shows I love

Nemo ( because they have dumb fish that are just like Cam he he ), Coraline

Food I love

Cake ! The cake is a lie.Donut, spicy chicken! (Num num)

Celebs I love

That guy that one film, yeah you know that one!

Websites I love

The one with the squiggly worm, its amazing1

Parts of the World I love

Japan so I can go to an Anime Convention

Things I love doing

I like eating donuts while stroking wild unipandas on ma Xbox, and drinking tea, tea is good

Who would you like to have a drink with and why?

Seth Macfarline, so he can teach me how to talk ‘Stewie’

If you could swap places with someone for the day who would it be and why?

Penguins, so me and Cam can start the penguin Choir

Your own a desert island, what 3 things have you got and why?

I would take a cake, so I can eat it all and not let my friends have any ! I guess I bring Cam with me, so I have a foot rest… And then some sunglasses and explosions so I can look cool!

What would you call your autobiography?

I forgot my name… Awkward

Most worn item of clothing and why?

Beanie because it’s warm and fluffy, and I like warm and fluffy things

What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Becoming Part of Youth Radio Rocks and getting away with eating Cam’s donut without him knowing, best day ever….

Why I love being part of Youth Radio Rocks?

I enjoy making people laugh with funny, terrible puns, and randomness that we make up ! Also it has improved my confidence significantly and I can now use big words (as you have seen)