Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore

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Ian ‘Knocka’ Dore is the station Guvnor and you can find some really boring info about that here. After 18 years in commercial radio, Ian is now firmly focused on moving Youth Radio Rocks forward celebrating and showcasing new talent. On air again if only to fulfil a community service order.

Ian on air with Youth Radio Rocks

Ian can be heard on the Midday Cafe between 12 – 1pm. Hence the name. He is planning to do a 2 hour craptapula on Sunday night with Jimbola but they haven’t found time to get it sorted yet.

Ian’s brain drizzle

Songs I love

Bally heck thats a toughie. Motorhead Ace of spades. Zero 7 – Destiny. Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World, Stakka B0 – Here we go, Vide cor Meum composed by Patrick Cassidy. Used in the film Hannibal. Feel the love – Rudimental. So many an it changes daily.

Movies I love

Star Wars as it was the first film I saw at the cinema in 1977! The Usual Suspects, Apollo 13, Above us the Waves, The Guns of Navarone, Taken, Alien, Happy Gilmore the list is endless.

TV shows I love

I don’t watch much to be honest. Some ball busting comedy can’t be beat so Live at the Apollo is always a winner. I still enjoy The Simpsons, Decent documentaries, Red Dwarf, Top Gear ( Hammond, May, Clarkson ) I am partial to a bit of Midsomer Murders and I do like Sherlock too. Channel 4 news for me as the Snow rocks.

Food I love

I love Greek cuisine and also a decent Chinese. Italian is a fav and you can’t beat a fully loaded ‘Asda’ make it yourself pizza. Recently been dabbling with some Paleo styled cooking. Jury is still out on that one.

Books I love

Chickenhawk, The Never-ending days of being dead, Carrying the Fire, Astronauts guide to life on Earth. Last Train to Alcatraz. Ian and the Yellow Eyed Monster.

Lyrics I love

Not strictly a song but a military poem called ‘stand at ease’.

Celebs I love

I’m not into the celeb culture because many so called ‘celebs’ are no more than oxygen thieves. I respect alot of actors and artists for their work but those monkeys on the reality shows, no thanks. Cheggers gets a thumbs up though and for a man thrust into the limelight, I take my hat off to Tim Peake.

Websites I love

Collectspace is a fav of mine as well as Propstore. I do like the odd bit from the movies and have indulged. Being a website designer I also enjoy Mashable and a titter at Buzzfeed. Plus of course I check in with my chumrades on Facebook.

Parts of the world I love

Egypt for the history and diving. Greece for the food and people, Cuba for its ambience, America for its largeness ( specifically New York ) and the Isle of Wight for its quaintness, friends and family. Bath of course I would name as my second home. FYI, I don’t have a second home!

Things I love doing

Ha ha. Living life to the full. Diving, Ski-ing, Radio and DJing. Oh, plus travelling and adventuring.

Most worn item of clothing and why?

Combat shorts. Nice and loose fitting 😉 

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Ewan Mcgregor or a young Rik Mayall

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Well I live here for the moment. They do say Canada is nice and that would tick a couple of boxes. For the immediate future, the UK will suffice.

Who would you most like to have a drink with, and why?

Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon. Self explanatory really but sadly not to be.

If you could only take three possessions to a desert island, what would they be?

Ray Mears to help me survive. ( Army days are long gone ). Stephen Hawking to help me think of a way off and to keep my brain stimulated. Sunglasses. That should do it.

If you could swap places with someone for the day, who would it be and why?

Me in 30 years time so I could get the skinny on what I had ballsed up over the years and to work out what I could do to rectify it.

What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Getting married and starting Youth Radio Rocks.

What would you call your autobiography?

Who Dares Spins.

Why I love being part of Youth Radio Rocks

At last I can actually do the radio that I’ve always wanted to do. Also because of my role here, I can also genuinely help people move forward getting some new skills under their belt, gaining confidence and having a good old laugh whilst doing it.